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Agar io, which introduces and popularizes .IO games to many players shortly after the emergence of .IO games, which presents us the most popular games of the last period, and which attracts the eyes of the entire entertainment industry, is here . Concentrating mainly on the theme of survival that attracts players, Agar io pvp is a great battle against different and real-time connected players online. It has a simple structure and is very simple to play and learn, while staying away from complicated graphics that are tiring and difficult to understand, and themes that make learning difficult. For these reasons, he took himself a step forward and made .IO games popular for many players. In the beginning, you set your name and then you choose a server and you enter the dangerous but entertaining world. 

Here are small rounds that need to be fed and grown. You should be fed by swallowing tiny dots scattered around. This will make you grow and agar . ioThe size and power are directly proportional in the game. So as you grow, you will gain strength. It has a fairly simple game mechanics and it eats the small one, the name of which is large. You will grow slowly by eating big and small feeds given to you. When you reach a certain size, you will realize that you can eat other players. But, like every game, there is a disadvantage that size and power bring to you. As your size increases, you gain a cumbersome and slower structure. In short, the little ones can move more quickly and swiftly. Of course, this does not mean that you should remain small. You have been given a feature that will enable you to turn this into an advantage. So what is this feature? When you grow and reach a certain size, you can divide yourself into two and throw a piece forward. You can be more vulnerable because your size is reduced by twice. However, when used wisely, it is possible for you to reach three times the size after the attack. You can use this feature as many times as you want. But remember that your defense gets a little weaker each time you use it. Another feature I will talk about is communication between players. One of the most useful features in the multiplayer games of the last period, and the most useful features that you and your multiplayer gamers wish to see on these platforms for a long time, was communication between players. You can communicate with the other person and create teams. With this development, which reminds you the fact that you are playing with real players connected from different parts of the world every time, you can even make new friends and double the fun. Agar . io has taken this into account and added the chat box you will see at the bottom of the screen. You can talk to your opponents using the chat box. You can also reinforce this friendship by building a team. It is possible to help a friend you talk to and play together and want to engage in this war when he / she needs it or by tactically giving parts. You can build clans thanks to this feature that transfers some of your pieces to the person you are throwing small but quickly. And you can increase your chances against very advanced players who seem impossible to beat. I'll give bad news. As with every beautiful feature, this option has a disadvantage. It will be quite vulnerable because parts are missing from you or your friend. Another task of the fed team member other than hunting the enemies would be to protect the feeding team members. When you do this, you can determine your team by adding the same word to the name section on the start screen to show that you belong to the same team. You will see the leaderboard on the right side of the screen . Here you will see the highest score in the server you played at that moment and the top ten players. Since these opponents are your potential enemies and they are the strongest in the game, it may be your end to hold on to them before they develop enough. Try to be the best of warriors by entering this table by growing and earning points. Since there are no violent elements in the game, it is suitable for players of all ages to play, and you can play with help from your parents at home and from your teachers in your schools. In the beginning, I want to give you a hint that will help you a lot. You will be in great danger until you reach a certain size since you will be quite small when you are born first and players who have started playing before you will be busy with eating like you on the map. To avoid this situation, consider green and thorny structures in the form of a bush, which are located on the map . These structures, where you can enter and hide as long as you are smaller than them, will be a threat to you when you grow up. They have a bad habit of making players vulnerable by dividing older players. But I suggest you evaluate it. If you want to participate in this war and show yourself and want to win a big victory against other players, you can start playing on our site without losing time. Have fun!

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:


Is Agar .IO safe?

  • Agar . io is one of the most popular games of recent times and it is a highly addictive game. If it had created a threat on your computer, it would have appeared so far. Because it is a game that has won the hearts of millions and has a lot of online players. We can understand that it is safe to play by looking at the 'convenient' results of the Web Of Trust and Virus Total applications. In addition, since no in-game violence is included, it is safe for players of all ages to play at home and in schools.


Agar . Is io free to play?

  • Of course. It is a free .IO game that you can play online simultaneously with players connected from different parts of the world through our site.


How to play Agar .IO?

  1. Enter the game by selecting your name from the start screen and choosing a server.
  2. Acting with your mouse half, eat and grow the food around.
  3. Use the split feature, which you will gain as you grow, with the space key.
  4. Grow as much as you can before being swallowed by your opponents.
  5. Print your name on the leader board with the most points .


Agar . Is io closed?

  1. Agar . The io game didn't have a name when it first came out, and users had to play the game by connecting to an IP address.
  2. However , the game was not released with the Greenlight program closed in 2017 .
  3. Later in 2015, it got the name of a game published for IOS and ANDROID via Miniclip and was released.
  4. It is still more actively serving you with millions of online players.