Airport Clash 3D Unblocked

Airport Clash 3D

Airport Clash Unblocked is a great online shooting game! This time our duty is not very easy. We need to save the airport from the rival gang. By the way, we must attack to kill them, and defend to protect ourselves. It's a big success to make them both. Opponents are getting harder and harder. So by bombing their base, you can kill them all. As you level up and earn points, you can improve yourself. Getting a better weapon will help your shots to be better. Same time, it can make you survive more. You can do many things from the home screen of the game. It says here your successes. Lifting the bomb, sending it to the enemy, and especially the number of games you've won is a success. You can invite your friends to the game and see the scorecard. Now, you can play a similar game in Yupi. Good luck gamers!