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among us , which has made its mark among the record-breaking games, and break your own record? This game, which will attract your attention and you can play as a team, is known as an exciting and fun game. Our space-themed among us game is a game played with the excitement of finding the traitor in the team in an area. Among base The player, who has entered the role of a traitor, is trying to kill his opponents, while at the same time he has to hide that he has killed them . Although it is known as a game played in 2 teams, it actually consists of a crew and a team of traitors. The crew team has to complete all their missions before they kill the others. Or they must win by finding all the traitors in the game and destroying them. In order for the traitors to be victorious, they must have equal players with the opposing team.

Our game is a very interesting and exciting game. You will not even notice how time passes in this game that you will enjoy while playing. Finding the traitors in the game one by one, trying to complete all the tasks, trying not to die while doing all these are just one of the few reasons that will encourage you to play with pleasure. You can spend your time having more fun by playing the game among us , which is one of the top games in our category of the best game that you can play with a lot of fun in your friend environment . No matter if you are young or old, you can find the best free games on our site. We think that it is not necessary to say that we are a world brand as the best free game site because of the quality of the game.

How to Install Among Us?

Let us give you a little advice. It can be more fun to beat your friends on the opposite team by being on the same team with your friends who know the game well. Then you can show your individual strength by playing with a mixed team. Since the game Among us is one of the best free games in Turkey, it is highly possible that it will be included in Turkey's best game site. Let's take a look at how our game is played with you. Don't forget to gather your teammates before the game, where you can't get enough of fun, and make plans to beat them before the game.

game screen by typing among us into the search engine in the upper corner . Then click the online button on the game screen, enter your name and click " create ". We call it ' game '. We determine how many people the game will have. After choosing the number of crew and on which map to play, we send the code to our friend. After our friend logs in to the site, he enters the code we have sent to the part that says " private " on the main screen of the game . Thus, we form the basis of the game with our friend, with whom we will spend exciting moments together. Don't forget to choose the game character you want from the start screen of the first game! Among Full minutes are waiting for you with the us game, where you can get enough of the game .

How to Play Among Us?

Welcome to the world's most talked and loved game, our dear game lovers. First of all, we would like to warn that our children's game lovers should not play without parental permission. Our parents are worried because the rules of the game are about killing. For our young followers who are inclined to play this kind of games, we have games that are much better, educational, instructive and will improve your skills. You can also check them out if you wish. Now let 's see how to play among us ? By completing the tasks in the game, you can complete the total tasks in the upper left. You must fill in the completed section. Your biggest task in the game is to catch the traitors. You can do the tasks in the question-marked sections in some places that appear in front of you. Our tasks are quite simple. You just have to hold the button and pull. One of the important rules of our game is it is strictly forbidden to talk among us during the game! There are only two times when you can talk in our game. One of them is the emergency button.

If you suspect someone during the game, you can express your doubts by pressing the button we mentioned. Another time, if you see a corpse in the game, you can immediately gather your team and voice your doubts by pressing the report button. What are you still waiting for to play the among us game that you are excited even while reading ? In the meantime, you can vote for the person you suspect. And yes, you can persuade other players to do so. Let us give you a gift in a few tactics. During the game, you usually have to travel together so that you can't beat them. If you burn someone while doing a task, if the bar is not filled after completing the task, the person you caught may be a traitor. Go to the emergency meeting button immediately and tell other players about this, so your chances of winning will increase considerably. You can play the game that you will get this unique excitement by visiting our page to play immediately. If you are looking for quality, fun-filled and competitive games in your friend environment, among us is for you.