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Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5

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Play Online : Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bored by the similarity of defense and strategy games, the producers thought differently about what we can do and came across Bloons Tower Defense 5.

Because our enemies here are balloons. We can say that they are successful because it offers a truly impressive experience with its playing options and various modes. In addition, there is little room for violence in the game. People of all ages can play, if you are playing at school, with the help of your teacher, if you are playing at home, you can play with the help of your parents.

It will be very helpful in improving your strategy and defense skills. Our main goal is to blow all the balloons with the weapons given to us before reaching our region. It is a great advantage for you to come from curvy and long roads because you can save time. You will see the weapons given to you on the edge of the screen, you should place them in the most suitable places, they will fire automatically. These weapons have different speeds and different powers. You can improve them all, as they evolve, their speed and strength will increase and they will pop more balloons. You can choose from many different missions and maps at the beginning.

You will need money to buy new weapons and unlock new maps. You can spend the money you earned during the game for development and new maps. I can suggest you a good tactic. Upgrade! Your level and money will increase as the level passes. If you upgrade your towers regularly using them, it will be more difficult for the balloons to beat you.

Frequently asked questions are as follows:


What is the newest Bloons Tower Defense?

The newest is Bloons Tower Defense 6 game and it was released on June 14, 2018. The room is as fun as other games of the series, the only difference is that some minor updates have arrived. I am sure you will enjoy all of them equally.


What is the best Bloons Tower Defense?

You can find your own piece in all games of the series. Bringing a new and colorful approach to strategy and defense games, Bloons Tower Defense brought small changes in each game. Comparing will be very difficult for all of us because they have beautiful games.


What does BFB stand for in Bloons Tower Defense?

There is a balloon with a name similar to the end-of-chapter monster in many games. And his name is called big father baloon. Balloons like this are named, you can choose a task from the quests menu and you can start the game from the desired section.

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