If you have a flock, you can go into a fist fight with it and kill your first opponent. It will write how many opponents you have eliminated in the upper part of the screen. But the most important thing you need to do next is to get equipment. You should do this by collecting weapons, ammunition, and health equipment placed in specific locations on the map. I advise you not to look for guns between the trees outside, because they will generally be waiting inside you, housed in houses or buildings, will be added to your bag when you receive them. In addition, a different feature has been used in this game.

You can make yourself some weapons with the materials you collect from the ground. They are stronger because they produce these weapons yourself, and they give you greater support in your battle. But I am sure that the weapons you will find on the ground will also work for you. Game makers who have a wide variety of weapons wanted to increase the excitement and competition by adding more weapons to the game. A large blue cube has been placed on the map and the battlefield, as there will be few people left in the game later on due to the players being eliminated one by one. You must enter the area covered by this cube within the specified time. If you stay outside, you cannot breathe and you gradually start to die by taking damage.

When you get into the cube, life returns to normal. For this reason, I recommend you to walk around these earrings. If you get lost in search of weapons, you can find yourself dead without hitting even a single shell. The game is offered as a multiplayer game for you to enjoy more. In other words, every opponent in front of you is a real person controlling and reviving. Violent elements can be caused by behavioral disorders in young children because they are quite a lot. For this reason, it is not appropriate for players under 18 to play. You can play together with your friends in your homes. If you want to play survival and Battle Royale games like Pubg, but want to do it for free and without installing it on your computer. is the game for you.
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

How do I play


  1. game, which you can play online on our site, has a very plain and understandable structure.

  2. Enter your game and choose your character and name from the main menu.

  3. Stay inside the blue cube on the map.

  4. Kill your opponents using weapons you find from the ground and buildings.

  5. Get the materials on the ground with the F key.

  6. Achieve victory as the last survivor on the battlefield.

Is unblocked dangerous?


  1. It is recommended that this age group should not play, as it may cause behavioral disorders due to the violent factors it contains in the players under the age of 18.

  2. It does not pose any threat to your computer.

  3. But it is recommended not to download.

  4. You can keep your computer safe by playing on our site.

Can be played as multiplayer?

  1. Of course. is a multiplayer .IO game and you can play it online without having to install it.