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Build Royale

Thanks to games such as Pubg and Fortnite , which have been released recently, multiplayer survival games based on battle royale mechanics have become very popular. Producers who do not ignore the desire to have different possibilities by using the creativity of the players added a new and unprecedented feature. You can make new structures using the materials you collect and use them to protect them or to apply new tactics. A new one has been added to the games that includes these features and allows players to give them what they want and use their creations, and came up with the name Buil Royale . 

The game, which has all the new features, has a very large map. Stones, trees, valleys and streams await you on the map. Three different modes are offered. These modes are divided into single player, a game mode where you will fight alone , as a two-person team and multiple teams. If you want, you can fight alone or team up and have fun with your friends. Initially, you need to set a name for yourself. Then you choose a server and go on the adventure. You will see an ax in your hand. With this you need to collect materials by breaking the surrounding trees or stones. 

You can make structures with the materials you collect.Wooden walls are the weakest stone walls, middle metal walls and structures are the strongest and most resistant to attacks. You can be protected with the walls you build or you can create tactics and attack your opponents with those tactics. Another opportunity is weapons. You can pick up and use weapons randomly placed on the map. Since your ammo is limited, I recommend you to use it economically. You can find marksmanship guns, shotguns, rocket launchers and machine guns on the map with many different types of weapons. There is one more thing you should know about this. The colors of weapons. It has a level in weapons like the level you have. And these levels are divided into three as low, medium and high. If it is white, this is the weakest of that model. If it is green, it is medium power, and if purple, it is the strongest option. When you have too many guns, what you need to leave is those in white. There are many important things that in -map options add to such battle royale games. For example, the big map always puts the game one step ahead. Or when buildings are not used as a decor, that is, when they go inside and have a usable structure, they gain the love of the players. Knowing this, Build Royale manufacturers have designed barns or houses on the map open to players and even put treasures in them. So what are these treasures? When you enter, you will see a chest. Inside these chests are high level weapons waiting for you or useful materials such as bandages and potions that you can use when you are injured. If you are lucky, you can find a high number of wood, stone or iron materials. In the Build Royale game, where you will play as a multiplayer, you will see players connected from different parts of the world. If you want to be victorious and survive, you have to be quick and push your creativity. If your luck helps you and brings out nice weapons or materials, you will win the game and be the last to survive. Your goal is to kill everyone and be the last surviving player. Items collected or owned by your enemies that you killed will scatter around. You can buy and use those that work for you or those you need. Other players are not your only enemies who try to kill you. 

The map also wants to kill you. In the system, which aims to balance the decreasing number of players with a smaller area, the map shrinks in the time you will see at the top of the screen and slowly kills the ones outside the determined area . For this reason, while one eye is on the enemy, the other eye should be on the map and in time. In this way, you can win the game. On the start screen, you can follow the ones who reach the highest scores with the leader board or even write your name there. You can survive in a team with your friends, use the game modes for this . Build Royale , a multiplayer battle royale survival game, is a game that you should not miss if you are one of those who want to win your warrior spirit and win using your creativity . Since the game includes violence, it can increase aggressive behavior in children. For this reason, it is not suitable for people under the age of 13 to play. Also, it is not a suitable game for you to play in schools. Grab your weapons and embark on adventure.

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:


What is Build Royale ?

  1. It is an action and battle themed multiplayer survival game that adopts battle royale mechanics that you can play in real time online .

  2. He asks you to create new structures using the materials you collect and use them to protect or fight.


How do I play Build Royale IO game?

  1. Start the game by entering your name.

  2. Smash stones, trees or metals on the map and collect items with the E key.
  3. Find weapons from chests or from the ground.
  4. Build new structures with the Q key to protect or fight.
  5. You can improve your health by using bandages and potions.
  6. You can view your inventory with the Tab key.
  7. Move with the arrow keys, aim and shoot with your mouse.
  8. You can jump with the Space key.
  9. You can refill your gun with the R key.


Who is the creator of the Build Royale game?

  • Battle Royale is a game-based and Fortnite - inspired Build Royale multiplayer combat and survival game developed by Mathew Matakovic and Joel Owen on September 18, 2018.

How do I play the game unobstructed?

  1. Create a secure VPN.

  2. Or play on our site.