Bullet Party io Unblocked

Bullet Party io

Bullet Party, you may have heard this name for the first time. This new game quickly won the attention of gamers. It is very similar to the game "Cs Go" with its action-packed cover image. Now let me tell you about the game. You must give your character a name when starting the game. You must find a name that gives fear to your enemies. Then on the lobby screen of the game, you can see the games that other players have installed, how many players are there, the map name and the targets. I immediately started playing because I was so excited to play. When the game started, my teammates and I entered the field of the enemy team and defeated them. This game has a special place among other io games because it is a strategic game. You won't stop when you start playing. Probably the most beautiful online shooting game we have recently uploaded. You can also play this game with your friends. With the money in the game, you can become a more dangerous soldier by buying better equipment. Don't forget to report players using Bullet Party Hacked!

How to play;
Hold "Left Click" to fire.
Hold "Right Click" to zoom.
Hold "W, A, S, D" to move.
Hold "R" to reload.
Hold "Space" to Jump.
Hold "F" turn on the gun's light.