Cat Ninja Unblocked Game

Cat Ninja

After Mario, who started a new era in platform games, the producers began to prepare more intelligent and content-rich games. One of the beautiful and high quality examples of the new generation, Cat Ninja offers us a world where we will have difficulties and have fun in every part of it.

Our character is a cat with some Ninja skills and our goal is to reach the finish line before he dies. What we're looking for on this challenging path is magic energy crystals. Do not forget to collect the crystals hidden among the obstacles that you will try to pass without getting tired even though you die many times. Sometimes gravity will change, sometimes we will be caught in hidden traps, to get rid of this situation, you must use your superior Ninja skills and reach the finish line.

Our game, which we can easily play using the arrow keys, is suitable for people of all ages. We recommend that children under the age of seven play with the help of a parent. If you are going to play at school, you should get help from your teachers. Attention, as you lose, you will become more greedy and addictive.

We answered the questions people often ask for you:

Cat Ninja game more difficult or Super Mario?

Of course, we all love Super Mario, which inspired old platform games. We are sure that you will love Cat Ninja, which offers new and creative obstacles, as much as Mario. And do not forget that it will make you happy when you pass enough.

How many parts does the game have?

The number of episodes is not given in the game. When you cross the road full of obstacles resembling the labyrinth that appears before you, it seems to have moved to a new map and a new section. But this is a continuation of the big map.

How many times do we have the right to die?

A nice feature of Cat Ninja is that it can be reborn after death, and it's unlimited. You can die trying to cross an obstacle, and when you come to life again, you can pass that obstacle in the best way. We recommend you pay attention to the checkpoint areas because when you die, instead of starting the game again, you will be born in the checkpoint area you last reached. If you love cats, try to die less. At the top of the screen, you will be able to see how many times you have died since the beginning of the game.