Clash Of Orcs

Hello gamers, have you ever heard of the orcs? If you haven't heard it, hold on, this game will take you on a unique adventure. This game is a kind of tower defense game. To get started, you first need to give a name to your tower. For example, I named the Yupi to tower. Let me explain the main screen before you start the game. Here we start the war with the war button. Besides, in the upgrade section, we strengthen our warriors so that we can easily defeat our enemies. Then let's get started. There is a cannon defending our tower when the war begins. Besides, there is an increasing score at the bottom. You need a certain score to use the fighters. When we reach this score, we can click on that fighter and send him to the battleground. Our Orcs try to destroy the enemy tower by destroying the enemies in front of them. You have to be quick and play strategically. I like this game "Clash Of Royals". You can play free online games like Clash of Orcs in Yupi.