Extreme Asphalt Car Racing

Extreme Asphalt Car Racing is one of the best driving games I have ever seen. When you open the game you see a cool skull picture. Then they ask you to write your name and license plate. I named my car Yupi. And I put the lucky count on the plate. In the car selection option, the cars are written according to their characteristics. These include top speed, acceleration, handling, and braking. The most interesting feature of the game to me is the lucky wheel option. I've never seen this feature before in any racing game. I was so excited when I spun the wheel. Besides, there are upgrade options too. You can paint your car, make a sticker and more. There are five race modes. My favorite game mode is the circuit. It takes gas to control the car. Just check the steering wheel and apply the brake if necessary. You should play this great game. Good luck!