Fireboy and Watergirl 4 : CRYSTAL

Fireboy & Watergirl 4

Two-player games have become very popular lately to share entertainment and adventure and increase it. Producers who especially focus on puzzle and labyrinth concept and combine this with a story, are introducing games for players who love team games and are confident. If you like this variety, Redboy And Bluegirl, a two-player adventure and puzzle game, is just for you. After entering the game, you need to set the difficulty level as easy or difficult according to your desire. Then the adventure begins. The story is briefly as follows: Our characters consisting of different elements consist of Redboy fire and Bluegirl water. They are trapped in the maze-like lands full of dangerous and obstacles, and your main goal is to get rid of these lands by reaching the magical door and leveling up by teamwork.

You need to reach the magical door using your creativity and puzzle solving abilities, while doing this you must avoid obstacles and traps. Of course, not everything ends with reaching the door. For the door to become active, you must collect the keys placed on the map and do this with your teammate. You will see the keys you have collected on the left side of the screen. If you do not collect all the keys, the door will not open and you will stay in dangerous lands. One of the traps that you will encounter while going to the end point is poisonous marshes. To protect them, you can use wooden boxes or jump over them, but be careful if you fall into it, you will die and you will have to start over. Use the switch button on the bottom of the screen to change characters. Because only Redboy can do some missions and only Bluegirl can do some missions. For example, you cannot enter fire pits with water element, and you cannot enter water pits using fire. If you want to pass them, the blocks lined up one after another will use your character according to their colors because only the same color characters with the blocks can melt them. I will give you a hint.

You will see challenging, high obstacles or keys in hard-to-reach places. Our characters made up of different elements can climb high places by pushing each other or over each other, and wooden boxes will help you throughout your adventure. You can move the wooden boxes by pushing them and reach the hard-to-reach places. Although fire and water are opposite elements, they do not hurt when our characters touch or push together. Some obstacles move up or down or left and right. To use this mechanism, your teammate must stand on the button and press it. I also recommend you to pay attention to the thorns, they are very dangerous. You can become a red boy and blue girl addict after playing this Puzzle and platform game. You can double the fun and adventure by playing two people or you can continue this adventure by playing alone. It is suitable for people of all ages to play, as there are no violent elements in the game. It even teaches children features such as teamwork and creativity.

You can play with your friends by getting help from your teachers in schools.
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

How to play Redboy And Bluegirl?

  1. Enter the game and select the difficulty level from the start screen.

  2. You can open your partition from the episode screen or start over.

  3. Don't get caught in traps by overcoming obstacles on the map.

  4. You can change your character using the switch button at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Collect all the given keys and go to the magical door.

  6. Team up and pass levels to get rid of dark lands and return home

Can Redboy And Bluegirl be multiplayer?
Redboy And Bluegirl is an unblocked two-player adventure or puzzle game that you can play alone. You can play online on our site and double this pleasure with your friends.

Is Redboy And Bluegirl safe for children to play?

  1. Redboy And Bluegirl is suitable for players of all ages, as there are no violent elements in the game.

  2. It is suitable for playing in schools, you can play with the help of your teachers.

  3. It has a structure that teaches two people and team work.