Foot Chinko

On the landing page of Foot Chinko, you will see legendary football player Messi hitting the ball. When you start the game, you will see a section showing the trophy and the team selection screen. In the beginning, we start with the Oceania Cup and choose a team from this cup. There are 4 unlocked tools in the tool selection section. After choosing our team, we are ready to start the game. In the first part, two-goal scorers win. You may think it will be easy, but your opponents will get harder as you beat them. While playing the game you will earn coins with the wins. Before starting the match with these coins "freeze the goalkeeper 1 turn", "gets 3 extra balls", "burn all obstacles" you can buy features such as. The game looks like a pinball. We have 3 players on the field and you are trying to score goals by passing through obstacles. I won all the trophies, and you think you can win?