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What is the Content of GTA V Game and How to Play?


The game is generally based on Grand Theft Auto as the name suggests. Although the plot is based on stealing cars and delivering stolen cars to customers, the game includes a huge map and many different missions. Many of these missions are violent in the form of robbery and murder. In GTA 5 , there are three main different characters named Michael, Franklin and Trevor with a criminal record. It takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos . Each of the three characters in the game has different abilities and powers in different areas. Except for some special protected areas, the entire map of the game is open to interaction and it is possible to travel, wander and explore the entire map from the starting point.

Players have the opportunity to switch between characters. While switching characters, the transition is made by moving away from the character used by the player on the map and zooming towards the other character.

In the game, there are activities and hobby activities such as using a boat, participating in flight races and off-road competitions, parachuting, acrobatics, yoga, triathlon , playing tennis and golf.

Game Modes :

⦁ Ability to determine population density for vehicle and pedestrian traffic control in the game,

⦁ Play Grand Theft Auto Online with 30 players and 2 spectators

⦁ Heists and Rival modes are available for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online .

While the game is completely forbidden to be played in some countries, it is forbidden for players under the age of 18 to play in our state with the reports of the Police Department.


General Control Commands


  • WASD – forward, backward, left, right
  • L-Alt – Change character
  • F – Entry/exit from vehicle
  • R – Reload
  • caps Lock – Special Ability
  • Spacebar – Jump/handbrake
  • V – Change view
  • L- Click – Firearm
  • R-Click – Aim/zoom
  • M-Click – Phone
  • M- scroll – Quick switch weapon
  • M-scroll (zoomed) – Target mode
  • 1,2,3,4 etc – Quick pass weapon category
  • M – Player interaction menu


What are the things you must learn and do in order to experience the pleasure of GTA V to the fullest?



the guide - GTA V puts players in high adrenaline when the game starts. The first mission is a guide that shows you a set of instructions on how to test your character. This includes other basic things like walking, running, aiming, shooting and driving that you probably know if you've played GTA games before.

your character - Use the commands below to move the character you want to steer .

  • W - Full forward movement in the direction you are looking
  • Side movement to the left
  • S- Backward movement opposite to the direction you are looking at
  • D- Move to the left
  • Mouse - Determine the character's point of view and where you want to head

Use minimap - The minimap is in the lower left corner of the screen. The blue pointer shows where you are going. The minimap shows lines indicating the route that needs to be followed while driving.

Change character- One of the most unique additions to GTA V is the Character Switching feature. This feature allows you to switch from one character to another in real time. The fact that there are 3 main characters (Franklin, Trevor and Michael) in GTA V makes this feature quite logical. This feature adds a different flavor to the process of completing the quests, especially the quests that involve the partnership of all 3 characters.

Drive - Driving has always been one of the key mechanics of Grand Theft Auto games. You can enter all vehicles in the game. Use the controls below to drive.

Follow the onscreen instructions - Grand Theft Auto V is a huge open world with tons of side activities and side quests. Pay attention to the instructions in the upper left corner for details of what to do when preparing for a new challenge or mission.

Learn about the characters - The three main characters in GTA V have unique personalities. In addition, the characters have different abilities that you can use in different situations. Press both sticks at the same time or CAPS on PC to activate a character's special ability .

Customize your characters - You can go to the shops to buy clothes, pants or shoes for your characters. You can personalize them by attaching accessories to look the way you want. You can go to the hairdressers to change the hair of the characters or you can get a tattoo at a tattoo shop.

Learn the map - Los Santos is a pretty big place; GTA IV and Red dead It 's even bigger than the Redemption maps put together! Still, being familiar with the map is very important for your survival in the game.

Drive safely - now has increased the penalty for killing people or damaging anything on the road while in your vehicle while playing GTA V. This means that with the slightest mistake of crossing pedestrians, the police will be on your back! You are instantly wanted at one star level; so be careful.

Learn from the first quest - The first two quests are guide quests. The first mission is with Michael and Trevor , while the second mission is with Franklin. After successfully completing the quest, you are free to roam freely in Los Santos and take on quests at your own pace.

Go to quests on the map - Quests are marked on the map with the first letter of the name of the person who gave the quest. Open the map and designate a letter to get minimap roadside assistance to where the mission started. Walk or drive inside the yellow circle to start a mission. You must be a certain character to start a task. Michael's duties are marked with a blue letter, Franklin's duties are marked with a green letter, and Trevor's duties are marked with orange letters.

Use your cell phone - The cell phone feature is back. This feature is important for progressing in the game as it connects you with all the people who give you quests from time to time. The mobile phone also gives you Internet access, which further increases the things you can do in GTA V.

Spend your money wisely - You 'll earn lots of money as you complete tasks. You have to manage your money wisely if you want to complete the missions with great success.

  • Play GTA V, most of the missions are likely to be deadly gunfights and vehicle chases. While this is the case, you need to raise your weapon once in a while. You can buy pistols and other combat related items from Ammu-Nation .
  • You should also upgrade your vehicles, or at least the one that you constantly use as an escape tool. There is no limit to how many police chases you will get into while playing GTA V ; so it would be best for you to get yourself a reliable vehicle.

Know when to switch - Since you have 3 characters, the quests are nicely distributed within these 3 characters. There are times when event missions end. If you encounter this situation, it's time to change your character. If you do this, you will never be empty.

Play side quests - To get the most out of GTA V , it's recommended to get all the available quests before taking the main story quests. These side quests not only enhance your character's traits, they are also rich in story and full of deep characters. This is what you need to do if you plan to finish the game with 0.

Finish the main quests - After getting all the little jobs and completing the side quests, you are now ready to completely finish the game. You can do this by taking main story quests only if you are sure that all 3 characters have no more quests left.


What Families Should Know About GTA 5


It is important for parents to be informed about the games their children play and to guide their children in order to reduce the possible risks of games.

GTA 5 game, the game is an action-adventure game that can be played alone or with other people online. GTA 5 is a paid game and has an in-game purchase feature, but you can play it through our website, completely free of charge, via the browser, without any in-game spending opportunities. The game has the option to play both online with other players and offline against computer “artificial intelligence”. GTA 5 is about the actions of two main characters with dark pasts and the actions of three characters trying to enter a life of crime in the world of dark affairs, which started with the crossing of their paths. The aim of the game is to complete the illegal missions in the dark business world and thus earn income. When the game is played against artificial intelligence, theme tasks can be done according to the story and it is possible to make a successful progress. When the game is played with other players online, common missions with small stories can be done with other players. The game has an online chat feature.


About GTA 5


Pegi game rating system, the game is suitable for adults over the age of 18. Parents should be in a decisive position in this regard. It is the healthiest method for parents to make a decision after examining the content of the game.

In terms of gameplay, it has positive features such as providing hand-eye coordination, developing reflexes and strategy, and helping problem solving skills. However, according to the changing missions and themes, the game includes violence, obscenity, alcohol, cigarettes and similar negative content. In the game GTA 5 , where the aim is to do illegal missions in the world of dark affairs, there are many content that will negatively affect children and youth, such as selling drugs, robbing banks, killing people. Young children's encounters with such negative content can negatively affect the psychology of children. The fact that such content is clearly displayed and the purpose of the game is to do illegal activities may cause children who cannot comprehend the difference between real life and virtual life, to regard illegal activities as normal. Another thing to note in the game is that there is an online chat feature. Due to these factors, children may be faced with obscene and inappropriate speech from other players. GTA 5 The game can be played offline safely in order not to be exposed to obscene and inappropriate language dialogues. Another negative feature of the game is its addictive effect. The fact that the game has an immersive story, the special situation of playing with other players online, and the emergence of new missions in certain periods can make the player addicted to the game. In addition, due to the fact that in-game money can be purchased with online purchases, it is difficult to earn in-game money and inventories are paid, GTA 5 players can direct them to buy online.

As a result, it is of great importance for parents to have general knowledge about the games their children will play and to pay attention to the risky games for the child. Games like GTA 5 that contain high levels of violence, nudity, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and similar negative content should be examined and evaluated considering the child's personal characteristics. In addition, the fact that the parents impose a time limit on the child playing the game and control the playing times will reduce the addictive effect of the game. On the other hand, parents should also be careful about in-game purchases. Parents' directing them to the games they deem appropriate for their children and accompanying the little ones during the game will reduce the possible risks that may be encountered in the game.