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Helix Jump is an " arcade " game with simple and addicting fun mechanics . In the game, you have to move a constantly bouncing ball down a series of circular platforms through gaps. Avoid spikes and obstacles on your way down!


Helix How to Play Jump


Helix The basic mechanics of Jump are easy to follow. The key is to master your reflexes and perception. In order to direct the constantly bouncing ball correctly, you need to rotate the platform proportionally to align the ball with the spaces. Do this in quick succession for a combo move and higher scores.

The points you earn can be used to unlock levels and attractive new skins for your ball.


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Release date


Helix Jump was first released as a mobile app in February 2018. This fan-made game has been available since August 2018. This version is inspired by the Voodoo game.


  • A simple skill game based on a popular name
  • Changeable and easily customizable ball patterns
  • Collectible badge coins and diamonds
  • A random background color with each new game
  • Colorful platforms that offer a visual feast as you move them
  • Ability to play quick practice without the need to load files and data
  • Android platform
  • iOS platform

Helix Jump it is a fun addictive 3D game, it can help you kill time, you can always open this game and have a good time. This is a live bouncing challenge game where you have to help a ball fall to the bottom of a spiral maze. Helix Jump captures the classic ball as a theme, jumping forward on the ascending spiral staircase.

Although simple, Helix Jump 's appeal is undeniable. I'm sure you've had to beat the keyboard multiple times when you need to take one more step and you'll get past the screen, but you'll be vaguely lost. How long can you keep the squid balls moving in this intense puzzle game?

Control the spiral maze rotation to help the ball fall to the bottom, so rotate it to find the spaces where the ball will fall and eventually reach the bottom of the maze. You must drop the ball between blocks connected to a long pipe. Avoid darker blocks on the edges of the maze in the maze, if the ball touches the obstacles it's game over and you have to start over. Challenge your friends and get ready to compete on scores. There are many levels waiting for you to challenge. Good luck!

Since the popularity of the first version, dozens of other games, Helix It took advantage of Jump 's fascinating early game bug. Especially Helix which is a fun game that is easy to play for everyone. There are even more famous games than the original version that feature Jump .


What's Your Highest Score?


Do you know that 105,034,522 points is a world record in this game? You can break this record! What are you waiting for?


Helix About Jump


Helix How fun is the Jump game? It is no stranger to online game lovers. Helix Jump is an age friendly game. The object of the game is to control the classic ball that jumps down the spiral staircase. This color ladder is a challenging and adventurous activity that tests your reaction. Steer the ball to bounce and return to the hole to pass.


Hundreds of Challenging Levels


Pass each level and get a big score. Unlock chapters! The game has successful, easy to play, fluid themes.

Helix Jump is a ball game that can help you anywhere. New trend Helix Jump browser game.

The new tab page is much more fun now. Helix Jump adventure is waiting for you in the new tab Helix Jump : adventure game is a ball game that can help you anywhere. If you are tired of the seedy moments while waiting for the bus at the bus stop or at school, we definitely recommend playing this jumping spiral for relaxation or fun. At the beginning of the game, there is a ball that you need to get from top to bottom to pass the level. The game gets more and more difficult in each level, so you have to be careful while shooting the ball from top to bottom as there are some restricted areas in the spiral maze. Do not jump over these points in order not to fail, it is enough to pass the ball through the gaps given to you at the beginning of the level. Have fun with this fun game!


Helix Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jump


Helix Does Jump have an end? - No. People Helix They can play Jump as long as they want because the spinning maze has no finish line.

Helix Is Jump safe? - Yes, people have Helix on their phones They can feel safe with Jump .

Helix How to be good at Jump ? - To give the most honest answer, the more you play, the more accustomed your hand becomes, so you can master it. Playing more will make you better at what you do, so Helix You'll be better at Jump .

Helix What is the purpose of Jump ? - The aim of Heli x Jump is to reach the furthest reachable point of a maze that starts from the very top.

Helix Are there any games similar to Jump?

bus and Subway Runner and Crazy Roll 3D is among our games that can be considered similar.

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