Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb

You must all have heard of this game. Hill Climb is the most famous 2D car game in the world. When you open the game, you should choose your starting car with nice music. Of course, there is an on / off button for music. In this car list, you will see very fast, very powerful cars and monster trucks. But you can't pick these vehicles right now. Because these are locked and you have to collect coins to unlock them. You can break the record by driving a long distance with a better vehicle. When you start the game, there are gas, brake pedals, fuel and speed indicators on the screen as real. You must step on the gas until you run out of fuel. There are challenging paths that you must fight during the game. You can also play this game not only with your computer but also with mobile devices. If played too much, you will see Hill Climber 2 in Yupi.io!

How to play;

Hold gas pedal and the brake pedal with the mouse.