Hole IO

As the demand for .IO games increases, new and more creative games are being released every day. Black Hole .IO is here for you, dear .IO lovers to play without getting tired. This time, differently, you become a free-floating black hole on the earth. B is one of the other big cities today a village of old age is a very colorful options, including two maps available. Your main goal in the game created using the battle royal mechanics is to swallow everything that can fit in the hole and grow as much as you can. And you will do this by competing with players connected online from different parts of the world . Besides the maps, two different game modesoption. In the first of these, you should have a bigger black hole than the other players within the limited time given to you and you should try to be in the first place in the leaderboard. The second option is survival mode . 

After reaching the sufficient size, you can kill the players that are smaller than you by eating, if you are the last survivor by killing everyone among eight people. In the beginning, you start the game as small and you cannot swallow everything you need to grow by eating smaller objects than you. My advice for thisyou don't waste time with big objects because you have to grow as fast as you can to avoid your opponents. As your size increases, you can swallow more and now you can eat other players and kill them. You can absorb cars, trees, and even buildings, and earn points. Larger objects not only gain more points but also help you grow. By entering the market on the start screen with the points you collect, you can choose a costume for yourself from the colorful and various options and make your black hole look different. There are no violent elements in the game and people of all ages can play. 

You can play at your school with the help of your teachers and you can join this fun. An addictive .IO game that you will not get bored of starting again and have a great time is waiting for you.

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:


How to play Black Hole .IO?

  1. Open the game on the internet, log in.

  2. Set a name for yourself on the start screen.
  3. If you've played before and your scores are enough, choose a costume for yourself.
  4. Select the game mode you want to play .
  5. Login to the map given to you and move using your mouse.
  6. Grow by swallowing smaller objects than you.
  7. Go to the top of the leaderboard according to the game mode you choose and be the first.

Is Black Hole .IO a multiplayer game?

  • Black Hole .IO is a multiplayer .IO game created with the battle royal technique and you can play online simultaneously with different players from all over the world.

Is Black Hole .IO game free?

  • Of course. You can play the game online and for free on our site.

How can I have the biggest black hole?

  1. You must have the highest score.
  2. To earn points, you must eat everything you can eat.
  3. Eating small players from you can be a nice option.