Neon Blaster Unblocked

Neon Blaster

Neon Blaster is one of the most played shooting games of the last period. Now, you can play this fun game for free at Yupi. So let's start playing, don't you think? When the game opens a color screen appears. You need to hold the screen to start shooting. When you start shooting, you will see objects coming from above. You have to be careful because if they hit you, you lose the game. To defeat them, you must shoot them as many as the numbers on the object. The game will get harder and harder. The objects and the numbers written in them will change. By the way, you can see the coins you have earned on the top right and you should develop your weapon with the coins you have earned. You need to get a gun that shoots faster and more. When the game is over you will see a table with the total score and the number of kills. I'm sure I am a better neon fighter than you are. If you think you are better, then prove yourself!