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Play Online : GTA 5

Open-ended action adventure games that we are addicted to with games like GTA Vice City and San Andreas
continues to evolve. To step into a completely new world that steals everyone's heart
Providing Rockstar Games' most anticipated and newest game, GTA 5 has been released.

Basically to a character
we have, we do the tasks given to us and if we get bored of the tasks as we wish
The role play game, which we can move and do what we want, now has more options. Classically
we steal cars and we can do dangerous mafia missions and buy houses. New
With game modes, we can replace animals and give life to more than one character.
We even have a mobile phone and can call our friends while on duty, to the map
We can look at.

GTA 5 has new homes and cars gradually when you play without using cheats
you will be able to live and eat in these houses and even to sleep in one of your homes
You can go. We can have pets and take care of them, in short, a real
There is an endless world in which every detail is considered so that it does not differ from life. You enter this world and you
you can go to the top of the crime world. The game includes elements of violence, armed conflicts
Not suitable for people under the age of seventeen, as you can enter and participate in gang wars.

We answered the questions you frequently ask as follows:

What age is appropriate for GTA 5?

PEGI, the European video game evaluation system, as the game includes violence.
has deemed it appropriate to be played by players over the age of 18. But the north
The ESRB system in America is used by players over the age of 17
that it can be played.

What is the point of GTA 5?

Your goal in the game is to have a good house, good cars and a lot of money by doing the tasks and
is to be a known and respected person in the criminal world. In doing so,
you can do it online with other players. Can perform dangerous and illegal duties
and you can steal cars. Even online players from different places and the game
it is possible to kill civilians in it.

Is GTA 5 online free?

  1. Access to the GTA 5 online network is free. To do this, the game is published
  2. You should download the update and click on the access button on the home page, so that GTA 5
  3. You can join the online network and play with other players around the world.

Is a GTA 6 coming out?

  1. What is the next game in the Grand Theft Auto series and everyone is curious about It is not officially certain that the time will come out. But GTA 6's Play Station 5 platform in 2020
  2. There are rumors that it can be started on. What we know right now is the game is under development.

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