Squadd Royale Battle IO Game

Squadd Royale

Investigate a substantial guide running or driving vehicles, visit structures to discover weapons, ammunition and catalysts.

Gain XP and levels by completing in the main 10 positions, and open skins, parachutes, acts out and signals.


- Space to hop from the helicopter

- WASD to move

- Aim with the mouse cursor, left-snap to flame

- E or mouse wheel to change weapon or enter vehicles

- R to reload

- M to demonstrate the guide

- F to utilize wellbeing powerups

- right-snap to show acts out


- Camouflage: stop and you will show up as a barrel, to astound your rivals or abstain from getting slaughtered

- Radar: See your foes as red specks on the minimap

- Damage: Do more harm to get more murders

- Scope: See your foes from a more drawn out separation

- Shield: Gain extra covering and endure longer

- Health: Pick up wellbeing to recuperate yourself when required