Powerline io Unblocked

Powerline io

Finally, we added Powerline io to our website. You can play this game instead of the Brutal io game. You need to specify your name when starting the game. When the game starts, your power line starts to move. You can extend your power line by eating the power balls that appear in front of you. As you extend, you can appear on the leader board on the right. If you become a leader, there will be a crown at the head of your power line. This game really requires attention, you can die by hitting yourself or other power lines if you don't pay attention. When the game is over, you can see your score, the best score you've made, the number of power lines you've killed and the time you've survived. When you are tired of this game we recommend you to play io games and especially Angry Snake games on Yupi.io!

Game controls:

Player control: Hold “W, A, S, D” to move powerline.

Hold "M" to mute of the game.