Save The Cowboy Unblocked

Save The Cowboy

Hello, gamers. This was my favorite shooting game in my childhood. I missed this game for a long time and I added to our site. As the name suggests, '' Save The Cowboy '' is a cowboy rescue game. You have a certain number of shots given to you. The cowboys need to be released before these shots are over. You must adjust the arrow and bow to the suitable length and angle and shoot. If you don't pay attention to the shooting, you can shoot the cowboys and they die. Of course, that's not all you need to do during the game. Sometimes there will be rocks that can stop you. Sometimes the bow and arrow you need to shoot will be in a bubble, you'll have to blow the bubble first to shoot. The good thing about the game is that when you lose the game, you can repeat the level instead of starting over. Don't forget to follow the remaining arrows that are written above during the game. Cowboys need you. I know you will save them.