Superhero io Unblocked

SuperHero IO

Superhero io is inspired by the Avengers series, which I love to watch. We begin with an unlocked hero at level 1. Who do you think this hero is? Yeah, right guess, our starting character is Captain America! The game reminds me of agar io. When the game starts, our character is on the move and we collect the colored balls and so we level up. When we become Level 2, we become iron men. I defeated the Iron man and Captain America, and then I became a Spider-man. There are 30 superheroes in total. Can you open it all? If you think it's easy, you're wrong. This game is a quite immersive io game. You can earn coins in every section you play and develop your hero with these coins. In addition, if you are disturbed by the sound of the game you can turn off the settings. Come on, become a superhero and show your strength!