Xtreme Trials Bike 2019

We can divide motorcycle games into racing and mud. Recently, players prefer to fight hard tracks in mud rather than racing. Game makers also combine track games with motorcycle games and offer you motor lovers. The newly launched Xtreme Trials Bike 2019 has done a very successful job by targeting this issue. Xtreme Trials Bike 2019, which will be addictive for Dirt motor lovers and you can not stop playing, and where you can add dust to the harsh tracks, is here. Another important issue comes up as personalization. Players of this type want to be offered options. For example, color changing or variety of tools. I believe they will find exactly what they want here because you are given the opportunity to choose the color of the biker and the color of the vehicle. You can also use different helmets, if you want, upgrade your rider character and use many different types of parts to unlock them. The presentation of the game in 3D also increases the realism thanks to these options and the games with more personalization options are preferred by you because the players enjoy using the items they create. Among the vehicles you can change, 10 different options are waiting for you such as racing engines, ATVs and aerobatic engines. And of course there are features that distinguish them all. You can see the speed, jump and grip features on each vehicle and you can choose the one that suits you best and start the adventure.

You will need gold to unlock all this. I seem to hear how you say we will earn gold. You will earn gold by displaying your skills on challenging tracks. When you start the game, the obstacles that are not really easy to overcome will rise and fall or go left and right. The body of the driver character should not touch anywhere, or you die from the engine. You must balance your balance and be able to speed up and slow down where necessary. There is another feature offered to you. You can jump with the motor to make it easy to move on the track. I am sure it will help you quite a lot. Because you will come across traps, swaying stones or high walls. It's time to enter this track full of challenging obstacles and roll your wheels in the mud. It is suitable for players of all ages, since there are no violent elements in the game. You can play in your home and schools.
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

What is a Trial motorcycle?

  1. Unlike other motorsport, speed is of little importance.

  2.  The main thing is that there are balance and short gases.

  3.  It is a motorcycle used in sports where machine control should be very high.

  4. In this game, it is aimed to reach the finish line by putting dust on the challenging and long tracks and the realism is increased by offering you engines, rider clothes and parts that you can customize.


Is Xtreme Trials Bike 2019 safe?

  1. The game is safe for players of all ages to play, as there are no violent elements in the game.

  2. You can play at home with the help of your parents and at your schools with the help of your teachers.

How to play Xtreme Trials Bike 2019?

  1. Enter the game and select the episode from the start screen.

  2. Show off your skills on challenging tracks with the first motorcycle given to you.

  3. Move using the arrow keys and jump with the spacebar.

  4. Collect as much gold as you can.

  5. Unlock new engines, rider clothing, and tracks using the gold you collect.

  6. If you try a chapter too much and do not pass, click the skip chapter button and continue to the next level. But keep in mind that you cannot earn gold when you do this.

  7. Enjoy the challenging course game by using Dirt bike.

Can I play Xtreme Trials Bike 2019 in multiplayer?
The game maker may bring such an option in the coming period, since the game, which is not currently offered such an opportunity, has just been released.