Stickman Fighting 3D

Stickman Fighting 3D

Stickman Street Fighter 3D is the name of Stickman Street Fighter 3D that came together with the stickman and the legend of Street Fighter, one of the most prominent games of recent times. The adventure, where you will witness challenging street fights, is presented to you in three dimensions. Our main goal is to kill the enemies that we encounter in a long and dangerous street and continue on our way with the least damage. You can use different fighting techniques or attack your opponents using various weapons on the ground, everything is free to do. For example, you can fight using various weapons, swords or even ninja stars.

If you do not want to use them, there is another nice option that I can recommend to you. Combos! You can do effective damage by using or combining different hit techniques repeatedly. As the level passes, bigger and stronger enemies will appear before you. These enemies will deal more damage to you than others, and your health will decrease faster. You can increase your life and get stronger by taking the food that is around you. You can break the boxes standing in different parts of the street by kicking or punching. You can use new weapons or life-enhancing foods that come out of them. As you level up, new characters with different features and abilities will be unlocked. You can return to the start screen and select one of them. As in many games, we will encounter the strongest enemy of the level before the chapter passes.

You must be high to kill him. If you have difficulties, you can practice in the training room and improve your fighting skills and be invincible to your opponents. Since the game contains a lot of violence, it is not right for young children to play and to be played in schools. Before playing, you need to get help from an adult and play under his supervision. Join the street fighting adventure that you want to play non-stop and show yourself.

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

What are the most popular Stickman games?

  1. Vex 4

  2. Stickman Prison: Counter Assault

  3. Stickman Fighting 3D

  4. Stickman Zombie 3D

  5. The Spear Stickman

  6. Vex 3

Can Stickman Street Fighter 3D be played as multiplayer?
Unfortunately, you can play Stickman Street Fighter 3D game online on our site, which does not currently support multiplayer.

How to play Stickman Street Fighter 3D?

  1. Open the game and come to the start screen.

  2. Choose the training room option or start the game.

  3. Choose one of the characters you have unlocked before starting the game.

  4. Walk the street with your chosen character to get new weapons.

  5. Earn points and level up by killing your opponents.

Can people of all ages play Stickman Street Fighter 3D?
It is very inconvenient for young children to play because there are too many violent elements in the game. It is not appropriate to play in schools, and help from an adult is required before playing.